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My collection seems to have expanded enormously, much to the disgust of the present Mrs S.
I am only allowed to keep them in my study - when I do arrange them around the house like ornaments they very rapidly find their way miraculously to my study again, often arranged "artfully" on my computer keyboard!

To get an idea of the extent of the collection here is a gallery for you to peruse (Be careful! There may be spoilers in here):

The old plugin that I used for this page was based on Flash and no longer works. To have a look at the full depth of my madness then go to my Flickr pages and explore there:



  1. I just stumbled on your site while doing some puzzle research. WOW, Nice collection.
    I have designed a new puzzle, you can see here: https://pinshape.com/items/11340-3d-printed-baffling-puzzle-ball.
    I'm wondering if you have anything like it in your collection?

    1. Hi Richard,

      Vinco made a multi layer version of your puzzle which he called the Matrioshka. It looks like an identical mechanism of coordinate motion puzzle. I reviewed it here:
      Matrioshka review


  2. Fantastic collection sir, Revomazes rule!!!!!

  3. Too bad your tool of choice uses Flash, one of the most defect-ridden security nightmares of the last two decades :-(.

    1. I know! I set it up at the beginning of my blogging career using a third party Blogger plugin. I need to find a replacement but haven’t seen anything good recently. I’ll start looking again.

    2. Thanks, Kevin. I'd like to see your gallery, but NFW am I going near any Adobe product.

    3. Until I fix something up, you could page through my Flickr gallery:
      Puzzlemad galleries



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