Saturday 7 May 2011

The Postman's been! The Postman's been!

More stuff!!!
Yes I have been at it again! I was casually surfing around the various puzzle sites looking for something different to my current puzzle set and whilst I was browsing Bill Cutler's site, I noticed that he intended to make a hexagonal burr called Hectix Revisited available "soon". I emailed him just to request that when he had one available, I would be grateful if he dropped me a line because I figured I needed at least one of this type of puzzle in my collection!

About a month later, he contacted me to say that he had 2 types available:
  1. 4 woods - walnut, cherry, maple and red oak - one wood used for each set of 3 parallel pieces.  The wood type is a huge help in assembling the puzzle.
  2. 4 woods assigned randomly - the wood type is no help in assembling the puzzle
Hectix Revisited
These would be available as soon as he had applied a last coat of finish. If I preferred it in all walnut or all cherry then this would not be available for several months. I liked the look of the version on his site so ordered it with random woods. It is "revisited" because Bill undertook an exhaustive analysis of hexagonal burrs to find what he considers to be the best possible puzzle.

Wausau '84
Of course whilst I was placing an order I could not resist getting another in the fantastic Wausau series! I already have the Wausau '83 (reviewed by me here) and do want to get the others when I can afford it. Having sold something on eBay recently I had a little extra lying around in the PayPal stash so chose one recommended by a great puzzle friend Allard on his blog. The stash has also been boosted by Wausau '84! Allard recommended this one because of the "brick wall" you initially meet before trying a new and unusual move.

I will review these puzzles as I get time to solve them and write!

Initial impressions are that they are stunning!!!

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