Wednesday 5 October 2011

Hanayama Cast Loop

Cast Loop
I have recently receive a whole batch of new puzzles from Puzzle Master - the first of these for me to review is the Cast Loop from Hanayama. I decided this time to try 1 or 2 of the much easier ones to see just how easy they get and also because I can't resist the shiny shiny metal!

As usual, it comes in immaculate Hanayama packaging with the unsolved puzzle tied to a board and a leather thong (No you idiot! Not the underwear!!!) attached to it. I presume that you are intended to wear it as a pendant on the thong once you have solved it - I think I will pass on that - they are attractive things but not that attractive! It is rated as 1 (out of 6) by Hanayama and 5 out of 10 by Puzzle Master. Believe me, you will not need a solution file but if you want one for your collection then you can get it here.

It consists of 2 chromed pieces of metal which are wound together via a corkscrew cut out on the shafts and there are magnets in the free ends to hold it together when solved. When it arrives it is obviously unsolved and so doesn't form a complete ring. A quick fiddle unwinds it (rather satisfyingly) into it's 2 components and then you need to work out how to wind it back together but this time forming the complete ring.

Cast Loop pieces
Initial attempts quickly show that it won't go on the way it came off (duh!) and after this there are only so many (1 or 2) other things you can try. Once you have made your discovery, the pieces wind together and the magnets make a very satisfying clink as they join. It really is an attractive piece - I suppose someone might wear it!

Cast Loop complete
This one is really very easy - I think it took me no more than 2 minutes in total. I gave it to a friend who is a complete newbie to puzzles and she also managed it within a few minutes (although another is struggling with it as I type!) Despite being no real challenge it is perfect for children, newbies, collectors and Magpies like me.

Whilst being very easy, it is quite satisfying to play with repeatedly - it makes a great worry bead (I love fiddling whilst watching TV, it makes a very satisfying clink as the magnets pull together!


  1. This is one of the first puzzles I ever owned, and it is still one of my absolute favourites! I've found that it's perfect to hand over to first time puzzlers to try out.

  2. I have done that today and the newbies really like it - it is so easy that they don't get put off too soon in puzzling.

    It is quite interesting when you find someone who really struggles with it!