Sunday 25 December 2011

Back where I began! After 100 posts!

Gold and Orange Revomazes
It all began with revomazes and now we have two more!!!

This is my hundredth post!! That is a hell of a milestone to have reached in such a short time! I began this blog to describe my journey through the puzzling world of mechanical puzzles and within a year I have had 100 posts and more than 27,000 page hits! I never expected anyone really to read it - well maybe a few of the crazy people out there (you know who you are!) but from the comments I have received to various posts and via my contact form, quite a lot of you are, well, NORMAL!!!

I have really enjoyed myself and have been in contact with many very interesting people. The puzzlers themselves are great and always willing to provide suggestions to help solve something or to point me towards something else I might like to torture myself with. I have been in touch with many fine craftsmen too - all are uniformly proud of their work and the apparent joy we take in solving their contraptions. Most are more interested in the craftsmanship and joy than the actual financial gains that can be made. Some have even sent me puzzles to play with and told me I could pay at a later date when my finances allowed. You wouldn't find such trust amongst very many other groups of people - puzzle people are pretty unique.

This whole thing started when a very stressful event at work (life and death - more death really!) caused me to need a diversion. I found that every time I stopped working and sat quietly, I began to have some very disturbing flashbacks and struggled to relax or even sleep. Believe me when I say that this was very new to me - in my particular sub-specialty I am very used to dealing with the critically ill and dying. But this really caught me by surprise. So I began my puzzling journey...

It all started out with the blue Revomaze - I had seen this (and met Chris Pitt, the designer and MD) at the Gadget Show Live in April 2010 but did not buy at the time because of the cost and the dirty looks from Mrs S. But, when I really needed something to take my mind away from everything this rather beautiful and very well made puzzle was just what I needed. From here on, I was completely hooked and have worked my way through all 4 of the metal Revomazes that were routinely available. I completed the silver at the end of last year and Mrs S had ordered the Gold as last year's Christmas present. Unfortunately due to manufacturing problems there were some rather prolonged delays - I am really pleased to say that it has finally arrived and I am about to start all over again! Next to the gold is the orange, a special limited edition puzzle designed by Mark, one of the amazing group of Revo puzzlers on their forums. Now I really don't know what to do first!!!

So, I would like to say to you all, dear readers:

Have a very Merry Christmas and a
truly puzzling New year.
Good health to you all!

I would like to thank all the wonderful people who have helped me on my journey:
(I apologise if I have missed anyone!)

Puzzle makers and designers: Fellow puzzle bloggers: MPP people:
Wil Strijbos Neil Hutchison Allard & Jill
Chris Pitt (Revomaze) Brian Pletcher Chris & Helen
Václav Obšivač (Vinco) Gabriel Fernandes Oli
Jerry McFarland Jeff Chiou Ali
Eric Fuller (Cubic dissection) Jerry Loo Nigel
Bill Cutler Mike Vodovoz Karl
John Devost Rob Stegmann Louis
Tom Lensch Roxanne Wong Graham
Leon Stein (Puzzlemaster)
Brian Menold (Wood wonders)

Bernhard Schweitzer

Richard Gain (Microcubology)

Brian and Sue Young (Mr Puzzle)

George Bell

Richard Whiting

Guillaume Largounez

Maurice Vigouroux

John Rausch

Gregory Benedetti

Dave Janelle (Creative Crafthouse)

Ben Meldrum (Puzzleguru)

Frank Gregory (Livewire puzzles)

Stephen Chin

Dan Feldman

Oskar van Deventer

Andreas Röver


  1. Congratulations on your achievement, Kevin! My reviews and my puzzles also help me to concentrate on better things. And one of the best things is this great community of puzzlers out there, that are always a joy to communicate with.

    Merry Christmas... and keep up the good work ;-)
    Puzzle Regards,
    Gabriel Fernandes

  2. Merry Christmas to you Kevin. And the current Mrs. S. as well! (I show Mr. Man Robs page to keep me out of trouble!)
    Thank you for the read these past few months. I've enjoyed the meanderings through your puzzling world.

    Now if you could teach me how to solve one of those beasts you have on here today...

  3. @Gabriel
    Thanks! I agree the community is the reason I keep writing. It would be easy to stay at home and puzzle away but it is the social aspect to this that makes it even more fun. Hopefully I will actually meet a few more people this year.

    I actually showed Mrs S the pictures that Allard posted from the puzzle museum and told her I aspired to have that! She gave me the laser look and I felt faint for a moment (probably the fumes from the burning hole in my forehead!!)

    I hope to solve the orange within a week or 2 and suspect the gold will take years! You should start with the blue - you know you want to!!!!

  4. Hey Kevin - man, what a ride ... glad you stumbled across puzzles and have joined our merry bunch. Congratulations on a brilliant blog - and hope the puzzles continue to bring you cheap therapy! Merry Christmas and a puzzling 2012 ... allard

  5. Cheap therapy????
    These have cost a fortune - and worth every penny!
    Looking forward to a few more next year.

    My NUMBER 1 aim is to get the Opening Bat from Mr Puzzle next year if I am able to save up enough for it before Brian & Sue sell out. BUT, at £473 before VAT & customs, I may have to wait a long time! :-(

  6. Hi Kevin

    Congrats on your 100th posting and many 000s more to come! Great write-ups from you and always with a dose of humour...also thanks for the encouragement and help in my puzzling!

  7. Fantastic as always Kev :-D

    Keep it up chap.

    All the best