Monday 7 May 2012

More twisty madness!!

No reviews today but I just had to tell someone who might appreciate it!! (Mrs S just looks at me and shakes her head - she doesn't appreciate the magic of these!!)

Postie arrived on Saturday with some new twisties - it had taken quite a while for them to arrive from Calvin's HKnowstore in Hong Kong.

Toys, toys and more toys!
This should keep me occupied for some time!
We have here:
  • The 4x4x6 Cuboid (back left) designed by the amazing TomZ and mass produced by Calvin himself.
  • The 5x5x4 Cuboid (back right) designed and mass produced by Ayi.
  • A crazy 3x3x3 planet - this is a series of 8 with different ones having differently fixed or mobile centre circles on different faces. I bought 2 with which I can make any of the whole series. Hence I have 8 puzzles for the price of 2 (The one I have constructed in the photo is the easiest - the Jupiter).
  • The front 2 are the Witeden 3x3x7 crazy cubes types I & II. They are cubic cuboids which can be used as a 3x3 cube but have top and bottom circles. Type I has non-rotating top circles and type II has a rotating top and non-rotating bottom circle.
I have only had a play with the 4x4x6 so far - it scrambles like this:

OMG - shapeshifts in all directions
Such fun!!!

If you have any suggestions for anything else along these lines which you consider essential then please let me know or post a comment below for everyone to see.


  1. My gosh! when I see the 4 x 4 x 6, I feel like fainting already!

    1. Don't faint Jerry! You'll drop the puzzle.

      This is a really terrific puzzle. The initial solve is exactly as you would a 4x4 cube. Then you have to match up the centre pairs and then solve it as a rather large even order cuboid. I managed it in about 30 minutes the first time and now can do it in about 10 minutes! The 5x5x4 is actually slightly trickier for me because of the huge centres to arrange first.

      I really lurve these puzzles - Calvin is costing me a fortune!!