Friday 15 June 2012

Broken Heart Trick Lock

Broken Heart Trick Lock
So, I couldn't resist it much longer! I had come to the end of my large Puzzle Master order (I think I had managed to ration myself quite well - I had spread them all out over 3 months!) and I had a dilemma: Should I get any more? OK you have probably guessed that I only hesitated for a nanosecond! Puzzle Master have such a huge collection in so many different subtypes that there is always a puzzle still to be tried so I placed another order and waited! (I really don't understand why the Canada post office are so much more expensive than all the others around the world!) A little tip for you - don't EVER use the overland option for Canada post to Europe - a previous order from a different Canadian based puzzle company took 4 months to arrive by this route!

Using the airmail option was more expensive but it arrived within a couple of weeks. I was like a child at a funfair unpacking another very large hoard!!!

Having recently reviewed another of Rainer Popp's fabulous Tricklocks (the T3), I have definitely gotten a taste for Puzzle Locks. So I ordered the Broken Heart Trick Lock from  Puzzle Master. It is rated as a level 5 (the easiest level). It is nicely packaged in the Puzzle Master plastic clamshell with only the instructions to open the lock. It is really quite attractive, made from brass in a heart shape and provided with 2 keys also having a heart motif. It isn't particularly large measuring 13 x 6.4 x 1.3 cm. It does feel like a nice quality puzzle. No solution is provided and it doesn't appear to be available for download either but do not worry about this - you won't need a solution.

So the obvious thing which you just HAVE to do is put the key in the lock and turn it! Don't argue! You HAVE to try it - one day it might work!! Obviously this time it doesn't - the key won't turn. So you compare the 2 keys (they are both identical - one is just a spare) and you examine the lock for other clues. There really aren't many things you can try and I opened this one within about a minute. So not really particularly puzzling!

Broken Heart Open (Is the heart fixed now?)
I was visiting my mother in London and so gave it to her to try and she opened it quicker than me and was a little nonplussed by the whole thing. This confirms that it is really an item to add to a collectors display or a puzzle for absolute beginners to the puzzling world or younger puzzlers. A review on the product page was very positive and said it was perfect for family gatherings.

I am pleased to own it as it does look particularly attractive on the shelf with my other puzzle locks.

I have managed to acquire another of Rainer popp's locks the T2 which should be arriving any time now.

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