Sunday 7 July 2013

A public service announcement

Please show some support to a good puzzling friend.

Updated 2022 - he left and is back! 
Visit his new YouTube channel
Help him out with a little coffee
Buy puzzles at your usual sites and give him a little boost (HKNowstore or Cubezz)

I have only been twisty puzzling for about a year now and am finally getting confidant enough to approach new and really tough puzzles myself without help. One of the essential sites that I visit regularly for help is owned by Rline from the Twisty Puzzles forum. Recently after a crisis of confidence, he came very close to stopping everything and removing all his invaluable information from the Internet. I am glad to say that myself and another TP member talked him out of this drastic move and have provided motivation to continue.

His site is not about speed cubing! He's a man about my age and is far too old to be memorising hundreds of algorithms and doing a cube in 15 seconds! His site and YouTube channel is about twisty puzzles in general including reviews and unboxings, horror stories of mammoth solves (you really must read it!) and, most importantly, techniques. What he really does specialise in is teaching how to solve many different puzzles from the simplest to the most difficult in the world using only a small handful of very simple techniques. Originally he used ONLY the 2 algorithms from Marshall's Ultimate Solution but latterly has expanded this just a bit which I think is a huge improvement.

So I would suggest you all:

  1. visit his site, Twistypuzzling, and subscribe
Please show some him some support, we don't want to lose one of the best puzzle resources on the Internet and if you're not currently into twisties despite my beginners suggestions then maybe he can convince you!



  1. Hi Kev,

    Great blog site...I have added his URL to my blog.

    1. Fantastic Jerry!
      We need to encourage him to stay.

  2. Great post Kevin and good support!

    1. Thanks Mhuti.
      We need all the puzzle blogs we can get!