Sunday 13 August 2017

Unintended Consequences of IPP and Puzzles Solved on the way

The dining room table held my IPP haul
Having been at IPP last week, you might expect me to have an extravaganza blog post for you today. I certainly would have expected it too! BUT there were some unintended consequences of IPP that have conspired against me and this will only be a very short post - I do apologise but it will have a few good photos.

First of all, IPP is fantastic for catching up with friends from all over the world. Most of these guys I only ever communicate with via Facebook or email and as you can imagine there's a fair bit of hand shaking and hugging that occurs and even the odd kiss (purely for the girls of course). I was very pleased to catch up with the spouses of Neil and Peter Wiltshire and of course am always delighted to receive a little kiss. However this time one of them (or maybe both) had transformed into Typhoid Mary and infected me with a rather nasty version of the plague! I have spent the last 4 or 5 days gurgling with mucus and annoying Mrs S with other various sound effects both day and night.

Mrs S was feeling generally peeved with me because of my very talented sound effects and the prodigious quantity of goo that was being produced so when she saw the amount of new toys that I brought back from IPP and the state of the dining room table after my unpacking, she insisted that I put things away quickly. In my fevered state I whined that I didn't have any space to put them away and so she marched into my study to see absolute chaos! My desk was pandemonium. You MUST do something about this NOW!

A panoramic view of the desk - worth clicking on to get a full impression!
I do have a few shelves with either sci-fi books or my popular science books on them and she has decided that these can go into boxes in the garage and this will leave me some more shelf space for puzzles.

Unintended consequence number 1 - I am reorganising my study!

Seeing my crestfallen face (especially as I was feeling fairly shocking at this time), she actually felt sorry for me! At least I think she did......I have never seen such a thing occur before so I may be mistaken.

Unintended consequence number 2 - I will be allowed another set of shelves in our newly redecorated conservatory! Yay!!! Maybe I can get some more puzzles to fill it?

Unintended consequence number 3 - she said that the puzzles in the dining room are quite attractive! I had better pack some more in there quickly before she changes her mind.

A panoramic view of the sideboard in the dining room - sorry about the odd distortion
Before I reorganised it all, I had to take a quick set of pics to record the current state of the collection:

They are packed quite tight but I know where they all are!

Lord help me if there's a little earth tremor!

She wants me to move the bottom shelf into a cupboard!

But the cupboard is already quite full!
The collection has also spread into the living room:

I think the lamp table looks lovely

Puzzles awaiting play!

She says things are too messy - she may have a point!

An animal collection - only one puzzle which is just not right!

Puzzles solved on the way to IPP

A good friend of mine had managed to acquire a few new ones from Jan Sturm. I was offered the chance to join in with a purchase and....well you all know that I cannot resist a disentanglement puzzle or 10. I chose a few of the ones rated 4 or 5 stars on Jan's difficulty scale and they arrived a week before I went to IPP. I had to put a few in my bag to play with on the train to Paris. The first one was this Stake. The string loop was linked to the chain but not to the main puzzle and it looked initially to me to be quite tough. I sat down on the train from Sheffield to St Pancras and after we set off started to play. I was before 7am and I got a few very strange looks from my fellow travellers as well as the train guard.

5 minutes later.....

Well that wasn't particularly tough
There's a fairly nice little sequence to unlink from the chain and then unlink from the main puzzle but I would rate the difficulty of this one as 2-3 stars only. I solved it a few more times to be sure that I understood it and then put it away. Maybe I was going to be a genius at the IPP and solve everything in sight? I thus moved on to the next one - also 5 stars:

This one is significantly harder! Despite having on obvious exit point, the circular loop within the body of the steamer causes the string loop to twist and ruins any quick solution plans. After about 20 minutes I had this:

Solved - no idea how!
The trouble with many of these puzzles is the solution route is impossible to remember and more often than not I have absolutely no idea how I managed it. In this case I took it apart and immediately tried to reassemble it but seriously struggled to get it back to the initial conformation - I had to rely on the picture on the packet to be sure when it was back. In the end, it took me another hour and almost the whole way to St Pancras station to be sure that I understood the puzzle and could do it repeatedly. There is a distinct 4 steps to the solution of this and I would agree that it is a 5 star difficulty level.

Just before I got to London I attempted one final wire puzzle from Jan. This is called Cactus and the aim is to move the barrel to the other side of the wire. Needless to say, it is too big to fit through the wire. This puzzle was designed originally by Lambert Bright and called Saguarro (it was auctioned in Nov 2011).

The solution to this puzzle uses a basic technique that is common to quite a few puzzles that require you to move things from one side to another. Of course, I had no recollection of the techniques I had used before and so I needed to work it out for myself afresh. Part of the fun of having almost no memory is that puzzles always seem new to me and are a challenge each time I solve them. Don't anyone tell Mrs S please! With about 10 minutes of play I had managed this:

A fun little challenge!
This had got me from Sheffield to London and had entertained me on the way to the upcoming puzzle extravaganza!

Wish me luck rearranging my study - I will try to post some more pictures after I am done.

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