Saturday 30 December 2017

An Amazing Thing Has Happened! Thank You All!

Main blog statistics

New additions statistics

Over 1 MILLION pageviews since I began! Incredible!

When I began my little website in March 2011 I did it just for some fun. I wanted somewhere to chat about these new toys that were taking over my head and also it would be a chance to learn a little bit about web publishing and html. I’ve certainly learned a lot about puzzles, met/communicated with a whole lot of wonderful puzzlers around the world, chatted to some incredibly talented designers and craftsmen and can even call a lot of them my friends. My pageview stats just crept up gradually and I suspected that most of them may have been my mother keeping an eye on my drivel but after she passed away the numbers continued to rise so someone else must be responsible! I am continually amazed that anyone reads the garbage I publish but I’m pleased that my words get read.

Thank you all for your time! Having just passed the 1 million pageviews just before New Year I am very grateful. I will try to keep you all entertained for another million! The first million took 448 posts, let’s see how many the next requires.

Tune in for my Top 10 puzzles of 2017 on the last day of the year....that would be tomorrow.

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