Wednesday 20 April 2011


Oh Joy! Last night we had a new arrival - the Maze burr, designed by Kagen Schaefer and made by the very talented Tom Lensch. Unfortunately I finished work very late and had things to do around the house in the evening (including spending some time with the present wife - she's doing ok for a first wife!). This means I have not had a chance to do any more than read the pamphlet that came with it. I will do a proper review when I can.

At first glance it is beautiful - thanks very much, Tom.

Today I FINALLY received the complete set of 37 disentanglement puzzles from Livewire puzzles in Canada! My advice to you all - never, ever, ever! go for surface mail from Canadapost! It took absolutely forever (nearly 2 months!) to arrive despite only spending 5 days in customs. Unfortunately, on this one I got badly hit for Duty/VAT! This wasn't a cheap purchase and the extra sting really hurt! I will probably review these in small batches as (if!) I solve them.

These are really nicely packaged and also at first glance seem very well made.

I have to work all evening tonight and tomorrow night and will have no chance to play, unfortunately! How much torture can a man stand?

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  1. I'll look forward to all the upcoming reviews Kevin. I think you've got your work cut out with all the Livewire puzzles, and Tom's work is superb. Customs really hurts when they catch a big package like that, however I wouldn't fancy trying to carry all that weight home on the plane, the excess baggage would be just as much!