Thursday 7 April 2011

Oh dear! The brain went to sleep and the fingers went a-clicking!!!

I got an email from puzzle paradise telling me that some new items had been added to the current auction.

These are masterpieces made by Tom Lensch. They are all limited edition and rather special. They never stay un-bought for long so as soon as I received the email I immediately headed over to look. He had put 3 items on the auction with "buy it now" buttons!!

I immediately fell in love with the Maze burr. I really like burrs - for the simplicity yet intrinsic difficulty in doing the puzzle. The maze burr was an original design by Kagen Schaefer and has been improved by Tom. It is possible to create 1000's of different burr puzzles including one that takes 116 moves to open!

Maze burr with box

Whilst I can't really afford it just now - I cannot resist it so 3 minutes later the buy it now button was pressed and I am twitching with excitement over this one. Especially because of it's beauty and the many possibilities from it.

Maze burr in its box

It will arrive in the next few weeks and I will review it then.


  1. I had been really wanting a copy of this puzzle since I first saw it, so I also jumped on the chance to get one when I saw they were available. All five sold in under an hour, and I snagged the last one! Good purchase, I'm looking forward to your review!

  2. I also look forward to a discussion on your very impressive site about this puzzle.

  3. Darn! Indeed this puzzle is quite rare. I've heard the best version is the metal one made by Lee Krasnow, but I think he only made a few copies.

  4. When investigating this I also saw the metal one by Lee. It really looks phenomenal but I suspect had it been available it would be out of my price range. This one stretched me to my limit really!

    I need a lottery win or a benefactor!

  5. I bought a copy of Lee's Merkaba. It is definitely the most expensive puzzle in my collection. It has already blown my yearly puzzle budget.

  6. "I bought a copy of Lee's Merkaba"

    Wow!!! That looks phenomenal - I don't think I have enough hands to assemble that. I seriously struggle with the Vinco puzzles let alone doing 5 tetrahedra interweaved together. How long did it take to learn to do it?

  7. I'll let you know, it still isn't assembled!! It is a lot tricker to assemble than I thought, even assembling ONE tetrahedron is tricky! But I have had little time to devote to it, so I haven't given it much of an attempt.