Wednesday 27 July 2011

Oh Dear! I'm in trouble again!!!

I have been on annual leave this last week and a bit and can't afford a holiday abroad due to the fitting of a rather nice new kitchen! So a few days were spent in London visiting my mother and the rest has been spent at home, tidying up and doing a little extra work on the side. During this time I made some purchases and didn't tell the present Mrs Sadler about all of them! Unfortunately, today they all got delivered at once! So now she has found out about all of them in one go! I may have to buy her another pair of shoes or a handbag to make up for it! It really gets expensive when I do that!!!!!

First of all, no trip to London is complete without a trip to Village Games in Camden to search for anything new and interesting. I could have spent a fortune there but I was aware that I had already placed orders elsewhere! I only came away with 4 puzzles and Mrs S breathed a sigh of relief as she didn't know about the others!

Village Games Selection
Here we have (from top left) Coffin's half hour puzzle, IQ18, Lox in Box II and Großmaul.

Recently Vinco had put up some new puzzles for sale and after my last little set of purchases (Dual tetrahedron, Tetrahedron 2 and an assortment of others) I new about the tremendous quality and beauty of these puzzles. I felt I had enough of the 4 and 6 piece coordinate motion puzzles so went for some others!

Vinco Selection
From the top left in rows we have: Duo Burr, Four Marbles, 3 Boxy, UFO, Ballerina, Ball Room, Vinco Tetrahedron and Sixi Cube (received unassembled). Droool!!!!

If that was not enough I received a little consignment from Wil Strijbos (I may as well just set up an automatic transfer of my salary straight to his account!)

Strijbos Selection
From the top: Melting block (with the lid and extra cube to the right), The Moon, Medal Maze, Aluminium Dovetail and finally Poplock T6 with copper rivets.

I am thoroughly in the doghouse now but at least I will have plenty of puzzles to keep me occupied whilst she is refusing to speak to me!! I have only just rearranged my puzzle collection and am not actually sure whether I have enough space for this lot!


  1. Kevin, looks like you got quite a stash there...the Gro?maul puzzle looks interesting...can't wait for you review of the Popplock T6....

  2. I couldn't help myself! I have already solved the Poplock. It is not hugely difficult but is certainly an interesting mechanism. A review will be coming.

  3. IQ18 a Packing Puzzle... will get that when I am in London at the end of Aug and early September with work.

    1. Any visit to London should include a trip to Village games in Camden! Good luck with the packing puzzle - it's too tough for me!