Saturday 26 March 2011

Vinco's Tetrahedron 2

I received the tetrahedron 2 at the same time as the dual tetrahedron. It is a beautifully tactile shape with a lovely mixture of light and dark woods. Unlike the other puzzle it is impossible to see the seams where the 4 parts join. To open it there are only so many places to grab so it is just a matter of holding it in each hand and pulling apart. When you have the right orientation then it suddenly pulls partially open.

 It is a pretty impressive locking mechanism that is revealed within.

Pulling a little further allows the whole thing to just fall into 4 parts:

Once you reach this stage the real difficulty is putting it back together. It only takes a moment to work out which piece goes where but actually lining the pieces up requires quite a bit of dexterity. In fact a 3rd hand would be nice!!!

All in all a lovely and very satisfying puzzle.

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