Sunday 13 March 2011

Starting out...

This is my first ever blog post so please excuse me if I appear very amateurish!
I have enjoyed logic puzzles for years, doing sudoku, kakuro and nonograms on paper, computer and iPhone for years. Alright I admit it - I even did them on an old windows mobile 5 device!!!

More recently I have discovered the wonderful world of mechanical puzzles. I don't mean those bent nail puzzles you find in Xmas crackers, I am talking about high quality, often handmade, puzzles which can take from 15 minutes to several months to solve. The aim of this blog is to describe these puzzles and how much pleasure can be derived from them and maybe give solution hints if needed.

I did have a Rubik's cube and revenge (4x4x4) as a kid and could do them both in under 2 minutes. In the years since then I did not give puzzles a second thought....
Until visiting the Gadget Show Live in April 2010!! Whilst there I came across many items of interest to men in their 40s who "should know better" and amongst them I saw the Revomaze. These puzzles fascinated me but at the time I didn't purchase - I could not justify the cost (these are not cheap) and the terrible burning from the laser gaze of my wife put me off!!

Several months later after a phenomenally stressful day at work, I found I needed something to concentrate on to avoid dwelling on various events. At this point, I remembered the Revomaze and soon bought the first 3 in the series from their website. The owner, Chris Pitt, was very responsive and when I changed my order, there was no problem. The puzzles arrived about 10 days later and it all deteriorated from there!!!

Next post.. The blue revomaze.

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