Thursday 24 March 2011

Oooh! Shiny! More stuff coming!!

I had hoped to give the bank account a rest really but I can't stop surfing around other puzzle blogs and on line stores!

Today whilst at work, I noticed that Vaclav Obsivac, a tremendous artisan puzzle maker, from the Czech Republic had put some new puzzles up for sale on his site. You have got to see this stuff! The quality is second to none.

The last order has not yet arrived and I had to buy something from the new selection. I have ordered  (make that 5) new puzzles....

The first is something I have seen before and didn't think he would make again. So when it appeared on the site I immediately pounced. It is the explosion cube - reviewed on Oli's Blog

It requires a lovely coordinated movement to disassemble - hence the name.

I also ordered the Handed half cubes. 8 interlocking shapes which can be assembled into a cube and a number of other smaller shapes

The next piece I have ordered is called Diagra. This is a cube made from 8 interlocking smaller cubes. The puzzle is to reassemble the shape as well as to assemble some other shapes.

The 4th is the Flattrick which I had seen reviewed at the Collecting puzzles site

It has 6 pieces which come apart in a coordinated motion. Here it is seen partially open.

Finally I have ordered Matrioshka, an interlocking shape.....

with another interlocking shape inside....

and inside...   yet another interlocking shape!

... which can also be taken apart!!

Looks amazing doesn't it? When my wife saw that I had ordered this she actually said "you are getting good value for money there then"!!!

I will review them when they arrive.

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