Wednesday 16 March 2011

New stuff arrives

Over the last 2 days postie has arrived bearing toys! Unfortunately he arrived very very early which upset the wife even if it did delight me!

So far have had delivery from Creative Crafthouse with:
Soma cube - craftsman edition
Muscle cube - 2 tone
Locking cube - 2 tone
Would not wood knott II burr
Mini snake cube

So far only played with Soma and snake cubes - I will post more later.

From Bill Cutler puzzles I have received:
Computer's choice unique 10
Wausau '83 (shown to the right) picture from Bill's site.

Seriously beautiful works of puzzle art, manufactured by Jerry MacFarland. Not cheap but essential for any collector. I really really want his cube puzzle - it is the most beautiful burr puzzle I have ever seen! Unfortunately at $500, I can't have one just now! Maybe later (I can but dream)

Will post more later.

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