Saturday 1 October 2011

Knobby Burr From Wood Wonders

I bought 4 puzzles from Brian Menold at Wood Wonders. I was absolutely delighted by his version of Stewart Coffin's Involute puzzle in Tiger wood. Now I am going to concentrate on a less well known one. First up is the Knobby burr.

Knobby Burr
This was designed by Dic Sonneveld. Brian's description is as follows:
"This not only requires the brain power to reassemble it, but also a good deal of manual dexterity. Large hands help too!"

He is not kidding about the large hands. It is a really big puzzle at 4" cubed. It was available in a number of different woods and I chose one in Walnut, Padauk and Cherry. In this combination it is very striking (if not beautiful!) It doesn't really need a lot of brain power to disassemble as there are actually a very limited number of possible moves. My version is very tight which did make it quite hard to find the second move.
Knobby Burr 1st Move
Knobby Burr 1st Move
Knobby Burr 2 Pieces
Knobby Burr 2 Pieces
It eventually comes apart into 6 identical pieces (apart from the colours). One of my pieces has been glued ever so slightly out of alignment and separating that piece off requires a considerable amount of force. I may well take a fine file to it to loosen it. I am sure this is a one-off for my puzzle.

Knobby Burr 6 pieces
I deliberately mixed up the pieces and left them for a while before attempting re-assembly because I did not think it would be that difficult to do. I was wrong! I actually spent about 20-30 minutes on this before I worked out the orientation to get it back together. This was made harder by the tight piece but primarily was because it is actually a moderately difficult puzzle.

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