Thursday 12 July 2012

Flabber Floovers Weaver

Flabber Floovers - Weaver
The next puzzle in my batch from Puzzle Master is the Weaver from the Flabber Floovers group of puzzles made by Family Games of America. I got this one because it is quite interesting to look at and with a lot of string around, I thought it might be a bit of a challenge. I have previously reviewed one in this series (the Pulley) and it proved pretty difficult and kept me stumped for a while! It looks a bit more pleasant than your average entanglement puzzle made from wire! This group are made fro some rather nice wood and good thick string.

They are nicely packaged displaying the puzzle and contain a solution leaflet in multiple languages. It is made of a nice wood (possibly maple) and thick black string with some very chunky beads on it. Dimensions are 6.6 x 6.6 x 2.7 cm - it is pretty good value for just $12. If you have misplaced the leaflet then you can download it again from here. To be honest - you really won't need it at all!! Puzzle Master have rated this a level 7 (Challenging) in their 6 to 10 scale. I personally would say this should be a 6 - it is very easy indeed.

I actually took this to work and whilst being watched by a colleague I solved it in under 30 seconds! I was so staggered at how easy it was that I got the solution leaflet out to see whether I was supposed to do anything else like remove the other piece of string! Nothing else was mentioned. Looking at the remaining string, it is clear that it cannot come off! So I put it back and took it off a few more times for good measure and after only 5 minutes of play I am going to put it away!

Is this all there is to it?
This puzzle looks nice and might be worth getting if you want to collect the whole set. It is, in my opinion, extremely simple and best kept for absolute beginners or even better for young children, just starting their puzzling career! I'm afraid it is my first real disappointment! I think I shall stick to the higher difficulty ones in this series - they should provide a better challenge.

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