Tuesday, 29 March 2011

The bronze revomaze

The bronze is the 3rd in the series and now they are getting serious!!

This is a real test. This is not a simple straight line path from beginning to end like the previous two - it adds to the experience with curves (even the traps are curved!). It also has traps which have no apparent means of resetting (known as the pool and the jacuzzi!!). This means that your previous ability to map and plan based on straight lines, 90º turns and traps you can easily restart from is not always helpful in this puzzle. It takes a while to work out the secret of the "swimming areas" - in fact after a while you realise that it is possible to stay dry completely (although this is quite difficult to accomplish!). The next shock you are in for is that paths seem to end nowhere - the result of which is that you are TRAPPED. It appears impossible to get out of the first section of the maze!

I spent hours in this first section wandering around and around until my map was accurate enough to realise what must come next. There is a clue on the website (yes, you will need to find it yourself!!!) that gives a small hint as to what is required. To be honest I only found the clue much later after I had figured out what was necessary. All of a sudden it comes to you and bang you are through to the next section (well maybe not "bang" because it is hand damagingly difficult to do!)

The next section has been called the Euro by people on the forum and it adds it's own special challenges. One of the techniques learned from the earlier mazes is useful here but much more difficult to find and execute. Whilst here you learn the beauty of curves! I got stuck at the beginning of this section for quite some time trying to find the pathway. However, once found, the pleasure is short-lived as you again get stuck with no obvious place to go - trapped again!

Of course, every time you fail you have to start again and, boy, does it hurt! I gained calluses on my fingers!

Eventually you discover the trick needed to get to the third and final section and in your exuberant joy you immediately fall into a reset trap and of course have to go through the very painful business of starting over (again and again and again!!). Eventually you suss out the next little step and "ride" home (it feels literally like a ride). It took me in excess of 40hours work over 3-4 weeks!

This time when you open up the little sucker you will be truly amazed at the contents - even having done the silver (reviewed later) this is still my favourite puzzle. If you can only afford 1 revomaze then this should be it - it will be tough without the progression from the earlier ones but still possible. The silver is much much too difficult to be a first.

Enjoy the ride!!!! As said in Allard's blog the lesson from the bronze:
"...  sometimes things change… (!)"


  1. It's 2016, can I get a better hint on how to get out of the pool and Dodge the reset trap in the bronze revomaze?

    1. Hi, I can't give any information on the blog! If you really need help then the Revo forums will help you or you can use my Contact page to ask me.

  2. From your very informative blog post I just bought a bronze revo (without any previous experience, haha!).

    I've been eyeing getting one for a long time and I finally pulled the trigger. Here's to hopefully getting to the end game with it. Cheers! :)

    1. You went straight to bronze? That's a brave move! Others have done it too but it is very very tough with no experience! Expect many months of pain before you solve it. Be sure to join in the Revomaze forums.

      Good luck!

  3. Hi Kevin I've been stuck on the bronze for about a year. And I seriously need help . I can't get and avoid the Jacuzzi no problem and reach a dead-end . It appears to have no further solution could you please contact me back with advice and solutio.

    1. I don't get your email address when a comment is made please use my contact page.



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