Monday 14 March 2011

In the beginning.... The arrival of the Revomaze

A collection of revomazes!!

The order arrived containing 4 (yes I know it's a bit excessive! But I couldn't help myself!) revomazes quite early on a Saturday morning. I rushed out of bed and downstairs with minimal clothing on and frightened the postman. The box was surprisingly heavy - at 700g each I suppose I should have expected it! It was cold so I dashed back to bed with the box and proceeded to unpack and have an investigatory play about and chattered incessantly about quality and weight (much to the sleepy disgust of my wife).

My first little play was with the silver because it came out at the top of the pile. This was a bit of a mistake as within just 2 or 3 moves I got into a place that I couldn't get out of! After 10 minutes of frantic fiddling (with some effing and blinding!) I somehow got it back to the beginning and put it down to investigate the others. I had a lovely shiny collection spread out on the bed and a very pissed off wife!!!

If you don't know about the revomaze let me explain. They are formed of a central core which has a maze engraved into it which can rotate and slide within a collar. Movement is limited by a sprung pin sticking out of the collar onto the core which engages into/onto the maze. You need to find your way around the maze to the end, at which point the core is almost completely out of the collar and 2 dots are aligned on both parts. With the metal versions a little tap at this point will loosen the pin and the core can come out completely revealing the amazing intricacy of the maze within! It sounds really easy doesn't it? Fortunately it isn't - within the maze there are dead ends and parapets adjacent to traps. Once in a trap you have to reset back to the beginning which can get quite frustrating.

Next..... The puzzling begins!

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