Wednesday 30 March 2011

Sshhh! Don't tell the missus - I've bought another!

I think I have a disease! I can't help myself! The voices, the voices! They keep saying:
"Buy, buy, buy! You need more puzzles!"

I couldn't blot out the voices so I caved in and ordered a Danlock. This is a padlock (unlike many puzzle locks on the market this is made from a genuine normal Israeli made Nabob padlock) which has been altered by Dan Feldman from Israel to make a really interesting puzzle.

It consists of a padlock with the key attached to the haft and another key separate but snapped in two. The problem is first to open the lock (which is apparently not too hard) and after that to put it back the way it came. Reputedly it is the second part of the puzzle which is very tough and requires several steps. It is reportedly one of the best trick locks there are. It has been reviewed by Edward Hordern here, by Oli here on his blog and here by another blogger.

Someone suggested that one buys 2 locks and the key from one will open the other!!! This doesn't take into account the fact that these are REAL padlocks and so will have different keys for each.

It does come with a solution - sealed so you have to make a positive decision to look at it.

Whilst I would just love to buy a Popplock or two but at £200 and £120 respectively they are just a bit too much for me at the moment. Maybe if I save my pennies?
The Danlock is a much more reasonable price ($100 incl P&P). At least that is my story and I am going to stick to it!!??!?????

The puzzle is available from a number of sources - direct from Dan (contact him by email and pay by PayPal) - I will not post his email address on-line, if you want it then contact me and I will give it to you. If you prefer buying from a store it is available from Grand Illusions in the UK.

I will review it when it arrives. Now where is my strait-jacket?

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